F.A.Q.'s about Patrick and Lisa




... Patrick and his wife Lisa live on a Ranch near Los Angeles called Rancho Bizarro.

... that it really IS Patrick dancing in "Dirty Dancing" - not a stand-in!! Patrick is a trained dancer as well as an actor, and was dancing almost as soon as he could walk. He is also a keen musician and composer.

... that Lisa is also a trained dancer as well as an actress, writer and musician.

... that Patrick and Lisa have been married for 33 years!! They celebrated their 33rd Wedding Anniversary on 12th June 2008.

... that Patrick and Lisa have Egyptian Arabian horses that are really beautiful! They love animals and they take care of cats, dogs and birds on their Ranch.

... that Patrick is crazy about sushi.

... that Lisa loves Earl Grey tea.

... that both Patrick and Lisa are multi-engined instrument rated pilots.

... that Lisa's ancestors are from Finland.

... that Patrick really did drive the truck in "Black Dog"!!!

... that Patrick and Lisa also worked as carpenters when they were performing as dancers in New York in the 1970's.

... that Patrick and Lisa have been doing "Pilates" fitness exercises for more than 25 years, long before it became the "in" thing to do!! Pilates keeps you supple, fit and strong for dancing.

... that they both help keep the Official Fan Club informed with what's happening in their lives and careers - so join us now!!!!!


Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we have featured in our Official Fan Club magazine over the last few years - we hope you all enjoy them.

Question to Patrick: How do you deal with being famous?

Patrick: "It was very difficult and confusing at first but, I have spent so many years learning the limitations of this particular lifestyle that I don't even think about it now."

Question to Patrick and Lisa: When you first saw Rancho Bizarro (their Ranch outside Los Angeles) what did you think of it, did you love it right away?

Patrick and Lisa: "What we saw was the potential for what the Ranch could be. The place was trashed and everyone thought we were crazy (but they couldn't see what we could see!). Now everyone says why would you want to leave? It's so perfect!"

Question to Patrick: Which co-star(s) has Patrick enjoyed working with the most through the years?

Patrick: ""Mikey" - my horse in "Tall Tale"!!! If I had to choose someone of the human persuasion it would be: Whoopi Goldberg; Liam Neeson; and Sam Elliott."

Question: What Charities are Patrick and Lisa involved in for any fans who would like to donate to a Charity?

Patrick and Lisa support:
The Red Cross
American Oceans Campaign
Tuesday's Child (Children whose lives are affected by Aids)
Any animal rescue charities.

Also, you can lend support to these Dance Companies:
Alonzo King's Lines Ballet
Doug Varone Dancers
Dwight Rhoden Complexions - A Concept in Dance.

Question to Patrick and Lisa: What are your favourite fragrances?

Patrick's favourite is Boucheron and Lisa's favourite is Trésor.

Question to both: How do you both manage to keep your figures and youthful vitality? Do you eat only a little, or what do you do? Do you have any special fitness routine, apart from dance class and riding?

Patrick and Lisa: "We often forget to eat!! We both lead very active lives and have gotten into the habit of keeping our bodies in dancers' shape."

Question to Lisa: Could Lisa tell us more about her short stories, and if they are available to buy anywhere?

Lisa: "I have not pursued publishing any of my stories. However, I have one about my experiences in Houston, Texas, that I'm thinking of turning into a screenplay."

Question to Patrick: Can you please tell us the origin of the family name "Swayze"? Is it Irish, or Italian, or Scandinavian?

Answer: The origin of the Swayze name is Welsh. Patrick's line is Irish and the rumor is with a touch of Apache!!!!

Question to both: What do you feel is your greatest achievement so far?

Answers: Lisa's greatest achievement so far is keeping our relationship alive all these years!! Patrick's greatest achievement is keeping our relationship alive for this many years! In addition, Patrick's other greatest achievement is not allowing the film business to drive out the love of his craft.

Question to Patrick: After all Patrick's success, what are the ambitions that he still wants to realise?

Answer: Patrick's ambitions that he would like to realize is to be the best film maker possible within his abilities and to protect as much land as possible from being destroyed.

Question to Patrick and Lisa: Do you have any favourite designers?

Answer: To name but a few, our favorites are - Jane Booke, Georgio Armani, Prada, Hugo Boss - and Patrick added "Faded Gap and Levis!!!"

Question: What do you both like to do in your spare time (when you have any!)? What are your hobbies?

Answer: Our hobbies are horses, flying, music, sailing and pack horse trips deep into the mountains!

Question: What are your favourite colours?

Answer: Lisa's favourite colours are blue, earthtones and deep rich jewel tones. Patrick's favourite colours are blue, teal, burgundy, earthtones and faded black!!

Patrick's Biography

Patrick's Movies and Names


Skatetown U.S.A. - "Ace" 1979

The Outsiders - "Darrel Curtis" 1983

Uncommon Valor - "Kevin Scott" 1983

Grandview U.S.A. - "Ernie (Slam) Webster" 1984
(Patrick and Lisa choreographers)

Red Dawn - "Jed Eckert" 1984

Youngblood - "Derek Sutton" 1986

Steel Dawn - "Nomad" 1987

Dirty Dancing - "Johnny Castle" 1987

Tiger Warsaw - "Chuck (Tiger) Warsaw" 1988

Road House - "Dalton" 1989

Next of Kin - "Truman Gates" 1989

Ghost - "Sam Wheat" 1990

Point Break - "Bodhi" 1991

City of Joy - "Dr. Max Lowe" 1992

Father Hood - "Jack Charles" 1993

Tall Tale - The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill - "Pecos Bill" 1994

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar - "Vida Boheme" 1995

Three Wishes - "Jack McCloud" 1995

Letters from a Killer - "Race Darnell" 1998

Black Dog - "Jack Crews" 1998

Forever Lulu (aka Along for the Ride) - "Ben Clifton" 2000

Donnie Darko - "Jim Cunningham" 2001

The Green Dragon - "Sgt. Jim Lance" 2002

Waking Up In Reno - "Roy Kirkendall" 2002

One Last Dance - "Travis MacPhearson" 2003
(Patrick also Producer)

11:14 - "Frank" 2003

George and the Dragon - "Garth" 2004

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights - "Dance Class Instructor (cameo)" 2004

Keeping Mum - "Lance" 2005

Jump! - "Richard Pressburger "

The Fox and the Hound 2
- Voice of "Cash" 2006

Christmas in Wonderland - 2007 - "Wayne Saunders"

Powder Blue - 2008


Return of the Rebels - "K.C. Barnes" 1981

The Comeback Kid 1982

M*A*S*H - "Gary Sturges" 1982

Renegades - "Bandit" 1982

Offsides - "Doug Zimmer" 1984

Steven Spielberg�s Amazing Stories - Life on Death Row - "Eric Peterson" 1985

North and South - Book I - "Orry Main" 1985

North and South - Book II - "Orry Main" 1986

Swayze Dancing 1988

Saturday Night Live! - "Guest Host" 1991

World Music Awards - "Host, Special Dance Performance" 1994

A&E Biography - "All the Right Moves - Patrick Swayze" 2000

E! entertainment channel - "E! True Hollywood Story: Dirty Dancing" 2001

King Solomon's Mines - "Allan Quatermain" 2003

Icon - "Jason Monk" 2005

The Beast - "Charles Barker " 2009


Disney on Parade - "Prince Charming"

Goodtime Charlie

Grease - "Danny Zuko"

Without a Word

Love Letters

Chicago - "Billy Flynn"
(Broadway December 2003 and Touring Production December 2003/January 2004)

Guys and Dolls - "Nathan Detroit "
(27th July 2006 to 2 December 2006)


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